The hectic life of a 2 year old

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

It's Alfie's Birthday in 2 weeks!  He will change from a terrible two into a trouble making three! 

Alfie's days follow no real pattern.  He is not a creature of habit but more a free spirit of disaster.  He likes to turn toy boxes upside down- the best toys always seem to be at the bottom, apparently!  He likes to break things- especially if they were made by his big brother Harry!  He likes to give the dog things he knows she should not have!  His favourite word is 'NO" and he folds his arms and stamps his feet if he has been told to get to the naughty step. 

This was a little Alfie week review:

1. I asked him if he had been playing with the felt tips- he said "No!"
2. Alfie declares "Skateboard, Easy!"
3. Alfie's new garden farm yard- he still likes to dig my path up!
4. I downloaded a Mickey Mouse App (Link to App) for my aPad (That's not a typo- its not an iPad, it's an aPad- AlfiePad, to give it the full title)
5. Little did I know but the Mickey Mouse App takes pictures and saves them on my iPad.  I checked today and so far I have 82 pictures of Alfie and Mickey Mouse.

I would like to add that Alfie also enjoys cuddles (although he seems to think he has to have you in a headlock to give cuddles), kisses and telling you "love you" as he streaks past to cause more mischief.  He is loud, clumsy, brash and just like me- he is a star and I wouldn't have him any other way!


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  1. A lovable little rogue!! Just want to kiss him, cuddle him, squeeze him. He's a superstar, fun loving and full of mischief but as you say - he should stay just the way he is. We love you Alfie
    Love from Nanny and Grandpa xxxx


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