Monday, October 22, 2012

Over the last two weekends I have been lucky enough to meet some people who care deeply.  They care about what they eat and not in a too many calories, diet kinda way!  They care about how their food got to their plate, how it was cared for, how it was grown, how many miles it took to get to them and how it gets cooked too. 

When we moved to Canada we went with the flow.  We shopped where people told us they shopped and followed the crowds, knowing no other alternatives.  I have focused my attentions on getting the family set up and established and now that we feel more a part of where we live it's time to get on track with living the way we choose to live. 

Demonstrating cutting techniques with beef at Sangudo Meat Packers
I care about where my food comes from, how many miles it travelled, how it was killed and how it came to my plate.  I want my children to understand the importance of this process too.  I am lucky enough to have a freezer with meat I butchered and I watch my children eat it knowing where it lived, how it died and how it was cared for in every stage of its life.  I like how that feels. 

I promise I will teach my children the value of good food and good farming.  I will teach them to grow their own in whatever space they have.  I will teach them that they have a choice in life when it comes to what they eat.  I will teach them how to cook it and how caring about their food will make everything taste better. 

Taken from Sangudo Custom Meat Packers Web Site:
We care about the meat that we put on your table. Where it comes from, how it is processed, and how it is delivered. Being farmers and family men ourselves we want to make sure that everyone wins. That means: Buying from local farmers that raise their animals in a healthy way and ensuring them a fair price; having the most humane handling system in North America to ensure that the animals are dealt with as little stress as possible; working within our community to provide jobs and supporting rural Alberta; giving you the cuts of meat that you want from certified organic beef, pork, elk, bison, and lamb; and providing you with food that tastes great and that you can feel good about putting on your table.
Pictures taken by Kevin Kossowan.  If you love food I suggest you check out his web site- it is fab! 

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