Sunday, April 13, 2014

Give a child a pair of scissors and watch them pull "the cutting face"- one of those perfect moments where its OK to laugh at your child!  Alfie starts Kindergarten in September and so we have been focussing on all of the little tasks that will make his life easier- following instructions, using scissors and of course writing his own name- they grow up way too fast you know!  

 I asked him to mix it all up and then spoon it into the paper cups.  I asked him if he had eaten some of it whilst putting it into the cups.  He of course told me that no, he hadn't eaten any of the mixture- the boy will go far!  
 Oh the concentration.....
 There is nothing quite as magical as a spoon to lick or a bowl to swipe your finger across.
 Practice, practice, practice!
 Just chillin in their tent.
 Just chillin.

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