Monday, November 23, 2015

"Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling"
Edna Ferber

Christmas means many things to many people. Personally, I love Christmas and wallow in its sparkly dazzle for as long as I can each year. The idea that I can start my merriment in November- even better!
I will admit that I was giddy with excitement to be attending The Jasper Fairmont’s Christmas in November Event this year and it’s been quite the challenge to condense my review into just one blog post!

To set the tone for this lets start by going through a giant, walk through gingerbread house- yes, instant Christmas! I did notice that there were a few parts missing after the weekend but personally I cannot vouch for its tastiness- I worried about just how many people had already licked those walls!

At each meal you are greeted with singers and cocktails to get you into the party mood.  The food and drinks flowed with willful abandon at this event and one cant help but feel that this is perfect for the spirit of Christmas.  There was a feeling of being at a really great party hosted by friends, rather than the staff of a hotel.
Such a breathtaking place!

The venue is warm and friendly and you walk around in constant awe of its surroundings.   The hotel staff were friendly and attentive at all times and I loved how they worked with each presenter to ensure that the classes ran smoothly.
"Welcome to your Macaron making life!" 
Duchess Bakery

 The presenters were varied and interesting. Every class I attended was different and I picked up some great hints and tips to take home. There is a great selection of skills on show at Christmas in November but I aimed mainly for the food and drink side rather than the craft and decoration side.
Peppermint Bark & Eggnog Macarons
Duchess Bakery
Battling Chefs: Charcut & Charbar

It was a procession of great food all day, every day.  
Delicious, delicate and stunning deserts.

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles Class

I spoke to quite a few people over the weekend and was interested to learn that the demographic of Christmas in November has changed a little and more and more men are now attending.  It would be great to see the line-up of classes change to suit this in the future.
I honestly didn't know what to expect from Christmas In November.  Christmas holds so many special and important memories for people that creating an event that brings out what makes Christmas special for everyone is a daunting task I am sure.  The Fairmont nailed it for me.  Christmas is a feeling rather than a season and what I enjoyed most about it was how it made me feel.  I felt warm, well fed, a little tipsy, relaxed, pampered and like I was among good friends.  It felt like Christmas.  It felt really, really good.
I would attend this event again in a heartbeat.

It was magical, it was Christmas.

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