Friday, March 10, 2017

"A party without cake is just a meeting"

— Julia Child

I have a growing collection of cookery books.  My husband remarked that we would need to reinforce the house foundations if I get anymore.  I rolled my eyes and bought two more cookery books!

Many of the books I own were handed to me from other people.  My Mum is an avid cookbook collector too.  
I adore old cookery books.  I never really liked history in school but I now love seeing how the food people cooked was shaped by what was happening around them.  Wartime rations, new technology, changing social habits and financial shifts all dictate how people behaved in the kitchen and you can see these changes in the cookery books from different time periods.  
In my "Cook Back in Time" Blog feature I will be selecting recipes from different cookbooks from different decades.  I will cook them up and let you know how they taste and if they still have a place in a modern kitchen.
I look forward to sharing my time hopping cookbook finds with the first in this series hitting the blog over the weekend.  1960's here we come.................................

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