Tuesday, July 04, 2017

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it"

— Ferris Bueller
To start this post by saying that life has been a little hectic recently would be a major understatement!  Summer is my busy time!  This post serves three purposes- multi tasking is the only way I can survive at the moment..................

The end of school means lots of work for me.  This year saw my eldest graduate out of Grade 6 and say a farewell to his current school.  A team of fabulous volunteers (me included!) organised a Grade 6 Farewell Day.
Where did that time go? 
This was the drink it up challenge.  Harry unfortunately got cold coffee! 
The summer Farmers Market season has started and you will find me each Saturday at the City Market Downtown selling fabulous Mojo Jojo Pickles.  It's an amazing farmers market with wonderful vendors and a great atmosphere.  Family and dog friendly too!    

My kitchen sees me cooking, entertaining and creating new recipes!  A few of which you will be seeing right here!
This is homemade Limoncello!  Still working on this recipe but the testing phase is certainly enjoyable.

I have started teaching at Get Cooking Edmonton.  I love it!  We teach globally inspired classes using local ingredients.  If you have ever wanted to learn how to make fresh pasta, brush up your knife skills or just come for some fun and food I suggest you give the classes a look.  The kitchen is a great teaching space and it's perfect for every level of home cook.  You get to be hands on and best of all you get to eat the food and enjoy wine pairings specially created for each menu.  Check out the classes here.
 Throughout July Get Cooking Edmonton will be hosting a series of patio parties featuring cocktails, homemade sausages and smokies!

I was sent some Ultimate Flora Probiotic to try out.  In the past I have tried the yogurt drink probiotics and when life gets busy they can be pretty handy for keeping "everything" moving in the right direction!
I am not about to start chatting to you about my stomach health, it's really not that kind of blog!  I will tell you that when I am busy and rushing from place to place and eating at strange times of the day it's my stomach that takes the hit first.  Taking probiotics is just another way to ensure that you are taking care of your stomach and what I love most about these ones is that you don't need to refrigerate them at all.  You just take one a day and carry on as normal (or rush around like a crazy person!).  You can pick some up from here (they are also currently on sale!)

Renew Life is North America’s #1 digestive care and cleansing company — since 1997

At Renew Life, we believe a healthy gut is essential for a healthy you. For nearly two decades, our mission has been to empower each and every one of our customers with the knowledge to improve their overall health through optimum digestive function and superior nutrition.

Renew Life products are made with the highest quality ingredients available to help you achieve optimal health from the inside out. We go the extra mile in ensuring the ingredients are protected and precisely delivered within the body to optimize potency and absorption. Perhaps as important as the ingredients that are in our products are the ingredients that are not in our products. We are committed to providing natural supplements with no artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives, or other unnecessary materials of any kind.

If you want to give yourself a boost and ensure that your stomach stays healthy I can highly recommend Ultimate Flora Probiotic.

Food, food, cocktails and food!
The summer holidays means that my kitchen has two additional boys in it!  I plan to teach them some new kitchen skills and get them cooking and baking more.  I love including my kids in the kitchen and I hope to show you how you can do it too.

I was also sent some amazing Canadian cheeses and a team of us (well a few good friends) thoroughly enjoyed testing them out.  Review and a recipe I created using my favorite of the cheeses coming soon.

I was sent the Renew Life Flora Probiotic for free to test out for the blog.  Opinions, reviews, images and spelling mistakes are my very own.  

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