Sunday, June 30, 2013

.... you like watching butter and chocolate melting just as much as I do and you want to keep on following my little blog here is an announcement that am I sure you already know about and have taken steps to ensure your entire blogging World does not come to a grinding halt, but everyone else seems to be telling their blog readers and I felt a little guilty- so here I am, drinking a Pimms, blogging on a Sunday!!! (I never blog on a Sunday!)

Google reader is no more as of 1st July so if you follow this blog with that try one of these;
They even have a nifty little way of transferring everything you read on Google reader with just a few clicks.
I mainly tweet pictures of gin and tonic but I put links to my new blog posts on there also.
Life Without Lemons also has a little corner of Facebook- feel free to join me there.
Forget Google reader and feel free to follow me on Google+

So I am off to chill with my Pimms now- enjoy Canada Day tomorrow fellow Canadians.  I will be eating pancakes and maple syrup and drinking Pimms (well I am English!)

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