Monday, November 18, 2013

It's been a crazy weekend!  Harry turned 8 yesterday and it may just happen to be my birthday today! 

The weekend contained sledging, friends to sleepover,  an indoor trampoline park (If you are in Edmonton you must check it out- Launchpad site link here)

At Harry's request I made a Minecraft Cake;

It happens most years now that I forgo cake in favour of brownies.  Once studded with birthday candles they look perfect and far better than trying to roll icing flat and smooth to cover a cake!  For the Minecraft toppers I simply coloured icing, rolled it flat, cut it into squares and used food colouring to paint on face details. 

We did some afternoon sledging.

 And then this happened- yes that is a birthday Moose hat!

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  1. What a fab family you are and how lucky are those two little boys to have such wonderful loving parents. You all certainly know how to have fun as a family - how precious is that. Here's to many more happy birthdays xxx


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