Tuesday, May 27, 2014

 OK, lets get something straight right away- I am a terrible cocktail maker!  Firstly I don't carry the right kit.  I mix cocktails in a mason jar.  I don't have a muddler and I don't even own a matching set of cocktail glasses.  I did once but they have slowly been chipped and smashed leaving me with odd glasses left in the cupboard.  So I was actually rather pleased when I was sent a lovely little book to check out- Market Fresh Mixology, Cocktails for every Season by Bridget Albert & Mary Barranco.

Today's diners and drinkers are seeing a bold new integration of culinary art and cocktail culture. 'Market-Fresh Mixology' shows how fabulous additions from the farmer's market, garden, or pantry can elevate classic cocktails to the next level. It introduces an entirely new dimension to the ideal of seasonal cocktails, with a clean, contemporary approach that uses fine spirits and fresh ingredients to create cocktails for every occasion. Hot day? Blustery night? Snowbound? No matter what the weather, season, or event, 'Market-Fresh Mixology' offers a recipe, from the refreshing summer mojito to the cozy hot buttered rum, that's as easy to follow as it is delicious. With its gorgeous full color photos, the book is a treat for the eyes, but it's also eminently practical, with tips on cocktail mixing techniques, garnishes, enhancements, glassware, and bar tools, as well as amusing lore surrounding classic cocktails.

With my mismatched glasses I tested out the Blackberry Cinnamon Mojito and was very impressed.  The recipes all feature real, fresh ingredients.  They are laid out simply with ingredients clearly listed on the side of each page, making finding a recipe with certain ingredients easy.  The book has a great list and description of equipment and some very tasty syrup recipes that are used in many of the cocktails.

I love that this book is organised by season rather than alcohol choice, as many other cocktail books I have delved into are.  All the focus is on fresh and new, rather than tradition and that feels rather cool.  I am keen to try the Blackberry Lavender Mojito too.

If the idea of sipping a cocktail is your thing check out this book and especially look out for the toasts for each season;
"May we be happy and our enemies know it"

Happy cocktail making.

I was given this book complimentary to review but all opinions and images are my own.  

Market-Fresh Mixology: Cocktails for Every Season 
Bridget Albert (Author), Mary Barranco (Contributor)

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  1. What a cool idea for a book...cocktails by season! I'm not usually a big cocktail fan, as I don't like sweet drinks. But I am willing to try any kind of "mojito" there is!


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