Sunday, July 13, 2014

The summer holidays are in full flow around here and this week saw Alfie attend his morning Summer Camp.  Being honest, I would rather keep my boys all to myself at home but the Summer Camps here are just too cool and it does them good to get out and make some buddies and have some fun away from us parent folk.  One of the best bits for me is that everyday a very proud little man gets to show me what fabulous art masterpiece he created- we have quite the gallery.  

 I attended the Calgary Stampede.  Amazing colours, lights and dizzying rides set amongst a sea of food vendors selling just about everything you could think of deep fried!  We are talking deep fried oreo's, deep fried funnel cakes, deep fried pickles, deep fried bacon and even deep fried corn on the cob!  Oh and you know the Mounties just hanging around looking dapper even when it was 30 degrees- they must be so hot in there!  

Kicking horses, bucking bulls, roping steers, fast paced ladies with flags, fireworks and even setting the ground on fire to make the Calgary Stampede logo- a pretty darn cool afternoon's entertainment.
 Home grown perfection.
 Best Friends.
The Chatterton Summer Art Gallery- it's a fast growing collection! 

As always, linking this to the wonderful Stills Collection of the Beetle Shack.

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  1. I love your stampede photos! We always visit our Calgary family in winter so we haven't been to Stampede yet. It looks fun x


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