Domestic Goddess

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Domestic Goddess: poetically, euphemistically or ironically, a homemaker or housewife (

I am a housewife.  A very happy housewife.  I love my role within my family.  I clean, cook and look after my husband and children happily.  The term Domestic Goddess is not something to take lightly but I do like the idea of being a Goddess.  I wonder if there is a set of standards that must be achieved to reach Domestic Goddess status?  Is it possible to be great at some things and a bit lacking in others? 

I think back to my days at school.  My Mum is without doubt an amazing cook and my God can she clean.  If you stand still long enough in her company she will have a hot wet cloth to your grubby face no matter who you are!  I feel she qualifies as a Domestic Goddess, she makes everyone feel at home in her house and the food, lets not forget about the food. 
So my school uniform lost a button.  I take the shirt to my Mum to be fixed so I can wear it for school.  I watch as she sews the button on, I thank her and take my uniform back to my room.  I put on my uniform, well I try to put it on but it just wont go on!  I go back to Mum.  I discover a flaw in my mothers Domestic Goddess armour- she cannot sew!  She has sewn the button onto the uniform but has also sewn the front of the uniform to the back of the uniform.  The button is not moving but neither am I going to get much wear out of this uniform any time soon! 

The lesson of all of this I suppose is that it actually taught me to sew.  I had to learn, otherwise I would have been doomed to show my bra every time I lost a button.  So maybe a Domestic Goddess does not need every feather in her cap, perhaps the true Goddess of Homemaking is one that is just good at making a house a home and keeping her family happy?

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  1. you think that sewing was bad . before you were born I mended your dads work boiler suit with orange embroiderey thread !!!

  2. I like to think that I am a goddess, at least in my own lunchbox. However even there I am far from a domestic one

  3. I can't say I am a Domestic Goddess. I do my best but I fall short in many ways. I have happy kids, a basically functioning home and an in tact marrigae, so I am half way there, but I reckon to be a goddess you have to do it with ease, a smile on your face and a sense of grace. Thanks for Rewinding and welcome! x


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