You only want what you cannot have!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I have had the misfortune of many a diet.  Fad ones, ones you have to pay for, soup only ones, you get the idea, I am sure many others have tread this path.  In all of the time I have been on a diet I have come to this conclusion- if you want to think about food every moment of every day go on a diet!  You obsess about every morsel you can eat and more so about every one you cannot!  The forbidden food list fills your mind with tempting reminders of what you CANNOT, MUST NOT, WILL NOT eat!!
So here in Canada I am not on a diet- yet (I will be at some point, just not yet!), but I still have a forbidden list due to my location rather than my dietary restrictions:

The Forbidden List

  • Hotel Chocolat- all types and variety's, I may be picky about the brand but anything in the shop will do!  (If you dont believe me how wonderful Hotel Chocolat is please see
  • Cordial- you cannot get it in normal Canadian shops.  Its either a powder or a frozen concentrated lump you dilute.
  • Fry's Turkish Delight- how I loved its soapy taste and odd texture
Its quite a short list at the moment but as time passes I know it will grow.  I am in a new cooking environment and the novelty of my surroundings is making the losses easier to manage but will I always miss them and the big question, if I get some shipped over will it taste the same?  Is it just the food item I miss or the whole experience of what it meant to eat it? 

To test my theory I think some Hotel Chocolat will need to be ordered and an experiment is on the cards.......

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