Size Matters

Monday, September 26, 2011

I am currently elbow deep in a new book, courtesy of my darling hubby for our anniversary.  The book in question is Guy Fieri's Food.  I love the artwork of this book, it is rock and roll food cartoons, and they are fabulous.  What surprised me about this book is the length of the ingredients lists!  This is my first true American cookery book and by the looks of it bigger is better especially in the store cupboard. 

Writing this down I see that it is wrong but a long ingredient list puts me off a recipe for my own kitchen.  Such prejudice I know is a failing as I could be missing out on cooking ecstasy but I simply turn the page dismissively if the list spans over two pages.  I may have all elements of the list in my kitchen but would I really want to thrown so much into any one dish?

Italians believe the ingredients they use should be recognisable and rightly so, they only ever use the best.  Each part of a dish should work like a good marriage, together but with its own personality and identity.  How can any dish achieve this marriage with two pages of ingredients, surely some of them get stood on, squashed and pushed under the carpet of powerful flavours placed next to them? 

Perhaps living in Canada I should try a change and push aside my Italian mindset and embrace the "throw it all in for good measure" method, so brace yourself pantry, here I come.......

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