The airport!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

I am not a huge fan of flying.  I could easily find excuses to avoid air travel but as luck would have it those tin budgies have become an important part of my life.  Recently I used one to travel with my hubby and children to our new life in Canada.  Even more recently my parents in law arrived on one and after three weeks have stepped back aboard one to fly home to the UK. 

We have had an amazing three weeks of family fun and adventures and it was hard to say goodbye without knowing when we would see them again in person.  I can admit that it makes me sad to think of the family we left behind and what we all miss out on, but we know our life here is fab and our kids enjoy every day just as much as we do.

Each and every time we head to the airport to collect or drop off it will undoubtedly stir up feelings that sit happily under the surface most of the time. 

I would just like to send our love to all our family and friends in the UK, we miss you all.  My Gin O Clock this Friday will be in your honour! 

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  1. We are those parents-in-law and can fully appreciate the feelings expressed. It IS hard to say farewell not knowing just how long it will be before you have the opportunity to visit or meet up once again. However having seen just how happy you are - how well adjusted your two little treasures have adapted to life in Canada (including the growing Canadian accent),we have nothing but admiration for your courage and confidence in taking advantage of opportunities afforded to you. Good on you Craig, Elyse, Harry and Alfie. Here's to many more 'Gin o'clocks' and thanks for your wonderful hospitality. You are a family to be proud of. Love you loads.
    Janet and Michael (Mum & Dad) xxx


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