The Father Christmas on the Cake

Friday, December 16, 2011

I have been reading Christmas stories and poems to my children at bedtimes and I found a book that I had as a child.  In it I rediscovered my favourite poem- sure you will remember this one too Mum:

The Father Christmas on the Cake

For fifty weeks I've languished
Upon the cupboard shelf
Forgotten and uncared for
I've muttered to myself
But now the year is closing
And Christmas time is here
They dust me down and tell me
To show a little cheer
Between the plaster snowman
And little glassy lake
They stand me in the middle
Of some ice covered cake
And for a while there's laughter
But as the week wears on
They've cut up all the landscape
Till every scrap is gone
Then with the plaster snowman
And little lake of glass
I'm banished to the cupboard
For one more year to pass

© Colin West

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  1. I think there's a lesson for us all to learn from this lovely poem. Treat and respect your loved ones each and every day as you would wish to be treated - not just when you need them for a special purpose.
    Janet Chatterton, Darwen xxxx

  2. Yes i do remember this poem . Made me feel quite sentimental . xx


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