Weekend Sleeping

Saturday, December 03, 2011

The alarm goes off- ding, ding, bloody ding!!!!

No matter what I change the ring to, no matter that it chimes into life with my favourite song- I don't like alarm clocks!  As a matter of fact I cannot blame the alarm clock, its actually being woken up I dislike no matter what the method.  I rather prefer to wake up under my own steam than to the beeping drone of a forced wake up. 

There is another kind of wake up call in my house and it is the culprit of many of my before schedule wake ups- the children!  Firstly I must say that I have no room to complain on the whole, my children have always slept well and my insistence on a strict bedtime routine has worked its magic.  They go to bed between 7 and 7.30pm every night- apart from Friday film nights for Harry then it will be a late one!   They usually don't scream and shout in the night and peacefully sleep till morning.  What time in the morning is questionable, as I sit writing this at 6am on a Saturday morning- thanks Alfie. 

In my youth (I used to think only old people said that!), I would just be getting out of a nightclub now as they open the doors into the dim morning light and we do the walk of shame in our short skirts and less that straight makeup after 7 hours of dancing!  I would fall into bed, nursing my aching feet from silly shoes and happily doze under the covers till nearly tea time!  My vampire weekend routine was great fun but the idea of going to bed after 10pm now makes me feel grumpy as I know one of my little treasures will be up, bright and breezy and want to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with me.  My hubby and I shy away from watching films and programmes after 9pm as it will be getting late when they finish and hit record to watch them at a sensible hour! 

I suppose it happens to us all.  It's that getting old, growing up, getting responsible thing.  Thinking about it now I don't think I would thank you for taking me to my old nightclub destinations.  They were dark, noisy, smelly and I don't think I ever saw a wine list there once! 
Its official- I grew up into a sensible person!!  I am happy in my dressing gown and a cup of tea at 9pm.  I am happy to have a nice meal with my hubby with a bottle of wine to share in front of a cheesy film.  I will even take watching Mickey Mouse at silly o clock in the morning, but only until I can teach him to switch it on himself and leave me in bed on the weekends- just for an extra hour at least!

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