Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I love Moonpig! 
I was awful at sending cards when I lived in the UK.  Birthday cards would be late, I wrote Christmas Cards and then never gave them out and was generally rubbish at remembering even close families big days!  Now I live in Canada and with the help of Moonpig I am on top of cards and work a month at a time to make sure I don't miss any!  I love modifying cards to suit each person and writing little messages to each person.  I also love that I can send cards for exactly the same postage costs as if I were still living in the UK- genius!  Today I am doing birthday cards and a get well card for my Nan who had an operation today- big hugs sent to my Nan! xx

If you have not done so already I suggest you check out Moonpig- its just so much fun!  (They operate in the UK, America and Australia)


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  1. Have loved every card you have sent so far Elyse - you really are an expert at choosing the perfect picture with the perfect words for every occasion. Your talents are never ending.
    Looking at the one above I'm just wondering whether or not I can expect this one (with a name change to J????) - in November? I have to admit it would be very appropriate!!!!


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