Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's crazy busy in the house at the moment.  There is baking, playing, booking, organising and soaking up the winter sun as the snow melts a little.  Skating, skiing, trips to A & E (for me and just bruised nothing broken), guitar playing and eating huge T-Bone Steaks- see crazy busy! 

I have been busy re-designing my little blog too and have been venturing into the whole world of "code"!  It's so scary to start with- it's like that scene in the Matrix film when he sees all those green numbers scrolling!!  After much trial and error I am getting the hang of it and actually enjoy making things my own way instead of being set by a templates rules. 

There will be some Valentines cooking and baking going on this week and an update of my Project Life goings on- I am really finding my style and breaking all of the rules, but hey that's just me! 

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