Friday, May 17, 2013

If I am working in the kitchen, chances are I am listening to music or I am half watching (listening but possibly not watching so much), the Food Network channel.  One of the programmes I have started to watch is the Pioneer Woman.  Other than the fact that I quite fancy living on a ranch with horses, cows and free range children, she cooks some tasty looking stuff. 
It seems that my love of cookery programmes is spreading through the house.  Harry was sat watching the Pioneer Woman with me and declared that "We have got to make those!"- challenge accepted Harry, they look pretty darn good, lets make a batch.

So here is our version of Ree Drummonds Monster Cookies.  We omitted the nuts, as Harry wanted to take some to school in his lunch and they have a no nut policy at school. 

If they inspire you to make them too check out the recipe here:

Pioneer Woman's Recipe for Monster Cookies

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