Tuesday, August 13, 2013

OK, so my bread project has hit a brick wall!  It's that midway dip in enthusiasm as well as a few epic fails when it comes to sourdough.... bloody sourdough!

I was really struggling to get myself inspired to cook any of the breads left in my book, so I did something drastic, I changed books!  I know I said it would all be from one book but I had baked all the good ones in it and it didn't cover sourdough bread. 

I have always wanted to cook sourdough and after reading this blog post about a starter that is 95 years old and had been passed from different families, I just had to give it a go! 

On a more positive note, our pizza oven is keeping us all very happy!  Tastiest pizza ever........

Needless to say I am now on my third batch of starter after some very smelly, non bubbly attempts so far! 

I will win, and make a great sourdough, so watch this space......

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  1. Whatever that little clay oven is you have pictured, it looks amazing! Good luck with the sourdough!

    1. The pizza oven is a little project I have been playing with in my back garden. I used a method for making an oven based on a method I saw on a TV programme in England called River Cottage- you can see one built here ( My plan is to go bigger next year! It makes the best pizza and the kids love watching it cook in less than 90 seconds- its like pizza magic!


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