Thursday, August 22, 2013

Where did the summer holidays go?  It's been a crazy whirlwind of parks, swimming and eating tasty pizza in our pizza oven.

Alfie your smile is infectious and you are very cheeky, but I wouldn't have you any other way.

Harry catching spiders in jars- boys are weird you know!

Mint and courgettes (zucchini to my Canadian friends).  Green things that are bursting with tasty delight in my garden make us all very happy.

My Thursday nights are still all about the 124 Grand Market and my chance to eat at a different food truck each week.  Last week I tried the Vegan Coconut Bacon BLT Wrap from the Salin On Truck.  It's a flour tortilla, coconut bacon, home made roasted garlic mayo, fresh lettuce, tomato and shredded carrot- it's totally delicious and the coconut bacon is clever if not a little sneaky- it is vegan so there is no bacon about it!  Even butchers eat Vegan food every now and again you know.  If you see them out and about in Edmonton, I suggest you try this, even if you are a hardened meat eater. 

I will be at the 124 Grand Market tonight selling delicious meaty treats with the Sangudo Growers and picking another tasty treat from another food truck- Thursdays rock you know! 

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  1. Coconut Bacon , weird but sounds kinda good xxx Mum

  2. That wrap looks amazing! Glad to hear that your summer was a success. As for boys being weird, you know what they say about apples...

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