Thursday, August 15, 2013

In the loosest sense of the word, I am a food blogger.  I take pictures of the food I make and I share the recipes on this little blog.  I am not, however a food critic or reviewer.  I have always maintained that I love food too much and am just happy that somebody else cooked it for me, and therefore, find it hard to find fault!
However, I was lucky enough to win tickets to a sneak peek tasting night at a brand new restaurant in Edmonton called, Plow & Harvest.  So here is my review- it may not be the most informed and experienced review, but I am willing to give it a go......................

First impressions of the restaurant are great!  You are welcomed by a vintage Case tractor sat behind a white picket fence in the middle of the restaurant.  The room is spacious, light, bright and modern.
The service was incredibly slow to start off with.  We waited for well over 30 minutes before anyone came to say hello, or offer us a drink- I ended up finding someone to come over to us in the end!  This is not a criticism though.  I have been a server, and I know that nights like this are exactly for ironing out the kinks in service and getting a team up to speed on how it operates with a busy restaurant.  Once they got going the staff were knowledgeable about the menu and where items were sourced from.  

The food came in sample sizes, using small jars.  We tasted; Mac-N-Cheese with bacon breadcrumbs, Roasted Tomato Soup with herb parmesan crouton, Not So Sloppy Joe, Hand Cut Plank Fries and Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich. 
My favourite was the buttermilk fried chicken sandwich- crunchy, moist and tasty!  We also sampled a cocktail that contained lime and Jack Daniels, but I forgot its name! 
Plow & Harvest boasts of using locally sourced ingredients and supporting the community.  I was happy to hear that the bread is from a bakery just down the road but other menu items, whilst being from Alberta, sound like they are from much more large scale producers.  I had hoped that the menu would be changeable based on what was available from smaller producers in Edmonton- similar to how food trucks operate, using what is fresh, ready and local. 
Perhaps this is too much to ask with a restaurant seating so many and with a fixed menu? 

I will certainly go back to Plow and Harvest.  The menu is simple and tasty without being complicated.  The prices are very reasonable and I will be happy to bring my family along next time I visit- the kids will love the tractor, but I am not sure how I will be able to stop them from wanted to have a drive on it!

A huge thank you to Baconhound for the tickets- visit his blog here- he is a proper food reviewer

A big thank you to Plow & Harvest- any excuse to put on some heels, eat tasty food and get out of the bedtime routine is a win in my book! 

Plow & Harvest
10041 170 Street
T5P 4R5
780 6697500

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  1. I follow a couple of ladies on Instagram that were there. But it's nice to see a full blog post dedicated to the tasting, as opposed to a stream of images only! Look delicious, and I will for sure be making my way over there one day!


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