Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I loved this project so much!

It's a lot of hard work and the product of a lot of forward planning and supply gathering. The weather was right a few weekends ago so our Pizza Oven Build 2014 started and here is our little video. I am not the best film editor, but this is one I am proud to show off because the end result is just too darn cool not to;

After that video was shot I added another layer of clay and another layer of clay mixed with wood shavings to protect the dome from the weather.  

So other than some planning and a weekend of hard work, this project has not cost us that much and the result is the Best Pizza Ever!  

Are you planning on building one yet?  

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  1. Best video! Can you be my hero? Is that strange?! This is so amazing. Did you research all the steps online, or did you know someone who has built one before? I am already planning this for my future-home. Yessirree.

    Your son taking a trampoline break? The chickens watching you in the background?! All awesome!!

    1. If hero's drink vast quantities of gin then sure I can be one of those- he he!! I researched loads on the internet and I have made a smaller, test version before this one at another house. Certainly plan one for your own home- they are soooo cool (well actually rather hot but you know what I mean!)

  2. Brilliant. This is my new project. We wanted to build one at our rental house, but didn't want to spend a fortune since we'll have to leave it behind. This is perfect.


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