Sunday, June 22, 2014

Right now, I am sat here considered whether I should go pull some weeds from the vegetable patch or just sneak off for a little afternoon nap hoping nobody notices I am missing!  

Its been a blast of a week;

 Best $10 spend in a long time.  The boys get to slip n slide and the grass gets watered all at the same time.
 Alfie doing what little boys do.  Get wet and get dirty! 
 My trees and that heavenly blue sky.
 Its been a great weekend with a party for thirty or so of hubby's work colleagues and the pizza oven was in full swing, much to the delight of me and the guests. 
 I was given some rhubarb by a friend (great friends give you gifts of rhubarb!) so it made its way very happily into an orange scented crumble.  Hot from the oven with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream, yes please. 
 This is Steve the Sourdough Starter.  I have tried so many times and failed, killing each starter I have attempted to bring to bubbling life.  This time I decided to name it so I would not forget it is alive and needs daily food and water.  It worked!  We are on day five and ready for baking- I will let you know how I get on.  
 The perfect way to keep your kids happy and entertained when you have a house full of party guests- set them to work!  The boys loved it, the guests loved it and the lemonade was delicious.  We served real lemon lemonade and raspberry, mint lemonade.  The boys were just practising before the real guests arrived in this photo.  

Anyway, I think a nice glass of chilled white wine and the garden are calling me right now.  

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