Tuesday, September 02, 2014

 Today was Alfie's first day at Kindergarten.  How did that happen?  How did it sneak up on me?  My little man walked happily down the driveway towards our little bus stop bench.  He smiled a lot and remembered his manners- very proud Mummy.

 So its Grade 4 for the big one and Kindergarten for little one.  How did they both get so big?

It's true you know, we only get to borrow them for a short while so its best to make the most of every little moment you can.

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  1. As you say Elyse you only get to borrow them for a little while but as a Mum - they will always be your 'little boys'. (I can hear Craig despairing at me!!). If you're as fortunate as we are, they will continue to make you very proud. You're doing a great job with both of them xxxx


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