Sunday, August 31, 2014

A bush bush pie is basically a toasted sandwich cooked in a cast iron pan over a camp fire.  I was introduced to them this summer in Unity, Saskatchewan, whilst visiting family there.

As soon as we got back I hunted out my own bush pie maker (Available at Princess Auto, in case you need to get one!)

It was only right that we make it our own tradition so we decided that baked beans and sausages were the perfect center for our Bush Pies- we just had to add a dash of British in there!

Baked Bean & Sausage Bush Pie
The menu.

Sweet version of the Bush Pie- Blueberry pie filling toasted and then generously sprinkled with icing sugar (powdered sugar)

 Hot chocolate & marshmallows.

Mars Bar S'mores Kit- well it was National Toasted Marshmallow Day so we figured it would be rude not to!
 Marshmallow Jedi's hard at work

 A rare snap of us together- taken by Harry.
 Guess Who.
 Piggy in the Middle.

It's back to school on Tuesday so this was the perfect weekend activity to close off what has been a very cool summer holidays.  

Hope you had a fabulous summer too?

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  1. Love this blog Elyse - displays perfectly the true meaning of family life enjoyed together. Too many children miss out on this sadly. The food looks delicious - those blueberry ones - yummy (and of course the savoury ones too). Here's to being able to experience for ourselves another such day at Elk Island together with you all xxxx

  2. Wonderful photos Elyse evoking memories of a lovely summer holiday , how lucky are we . xxx


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