Saturday, August 23, 2014

My darling hubby bought me a gift.  To be precise, a kitchen gift- my favorite kinda gift!  So I am now the proud owner of a Breville Juice Fountain Compact.  

A few people of Instagram asked me for a good old honest review of what I thought of the juicer.  So here goes;


I watched the documentary "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" and thought that drinking juice could fix everything!  
But really it was just about getting more fruit and vegetables into my families diets.  My hope is that it will become a part of all of our everyday diets.  


Its flipping cool and a little scary all at the same time! You hit that on switch and it roars into life just waiting to devour the fruit and veggies like an angry animal!  I threw half an apple in the other day and it must have hit the rotation of the blade at just the wrong time and it spat it back out- needless to say the dog quickly claimed that apple!  You have to place the fruit in and cover the top of the spout to stop this happening and then use the food pusher to send everything down to the spinning blade.

I have made a few juices now and I love it!  Hubby has even had a juice with carrots, peach and orange!  My favorite ones include beetroot pulled straight from the garden (see note below, if like me you are a beetroot juicer!).  I will also admit that I used the juicer to juice an apple and some fresh ginger that joined some lime juice and gin.  Nobody said that getting healthy couldn't also be fun!


I have heard it said that juicing can be messy and leave lots of waste in the juicer.  Yes, there are some fibrous leftovers in the juicer after its finished.  I know there are lots of ways to use this in cooking but so far my chickens are more than happy with finishing off what the juicer spits out.  I simply avoid juicing citrus and then whatever is left the chickens get as a nice treat.  I will explore the cooking element of the leftovers soon too.

As for cleaning it's really quite easy.  Having a faucet that has a pull down shower type head helps as you can direct the water into where its needed to spray off the parts.  The whole top part of the juicer gets transferred to the sink and then you use the nifty little brush tool to scrape out the leftovers and then everything gets rinsed and washed.  The only tricky bit is the Nutri Disc™, which is the stainless steel micro mesh filter basket, but just give it a rinse and use the brush and its less than a one minute job to get it clean.  My tip for cleaning is to do it straight away- I think that leaving it could create fruit and veg concrete that would make the cleaner very unhappy!!

 This much fruit and veggies goes into one juice.
 Beetroot makes everything look horror film splattered!
 The jug catches the juice and the lid does a good job of making sure it does not splatter everywhere.  It also catches the foam on the juice when pouring it into a glass.
 That plate of fruit and veg made this juice.


You need a lot of fruit and veg!  I have only had this bad boy for a few days and am already thinking ahead to just how much fruit and veg I am going to need to buy- but that is hardly a bad thing! I see it as a great investment to my kitchen and hope that we all reap the benefits of having it.  I doubt we will be a juice fasting household as that seems like way too much hard work for someone who likes food too much, but the plan is that juices will simply be a part of a normal day.

I will share some of my favorite recipes soon but so far the apple, ginger and gin was a firm favorite!

Just wanted to give you a heads up on Beeturia (Pink Pee)! 

Be aware that ingestion of beetroot can colour urine red and also discolour stools, causing the unwary to hot-foot it to their Doctor for urgent tests. The pinkness of your pee depends on the acidity of your stomach; some people don't see pink pee afterwards and some do (approximately 10 - 14%). If you don't see pink pee then your stomach is at the strongly acidic end of the normal range - if you do see pink pee then your stomach is at the less acidic end of normal, and the colour hasn't been broken down on the way through your gut.

Beeturia is a harmless occurrence and you do not have to exclude beetroot from your diet if you are affected by it. If you don't normally have pink-stained pee after consuming beetroot, you might like to try an experiment. Try taking some antacid1 tablets, then eat beetroot. Remember to look at what you're doing the next time you visit the toilet. That should satisfy your curiosity.

If your urine is coloured pink or red and you haven't ingested any beetroot, this is called haematuria and requires medical investigation to find out the cause.

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