Sunday, August 03, 2014

We have UK visitors at the moment, so other than drinking way too much gin (Note: My Mum also loves gin, it's a family thing!) we took a trip out to spend the weekend with family who live just down the road in Canadian terms (4 hour drive away to be precise).  The rain nearly stopped us in our tracks as it bounced so hard off the road, seeing my car's nose was all I could manage.  Needless to say, we drove on and as the sun finally decided to join us on our trip we made it to Unity, Saskatchewan.  
My Mum's cousin has a fabulous collection of vintage English tractors that he breaks down for parts and ships them all over the World.  My boys were super impressed with every single one of them.
 Tracking a moose
Angry sky

 Old tractor noses are my favorite
 Bush Pies made in a fire pit made from an old tractor rim specially for our visit
We visited Cut Knife, Saskatchewan and I was so impressed with it's cool name I did a little research into it's origins and after reading the story I was even more impressed!  In the 1840's a group of Sarcee were exploring the area and were captured by the Cree.  The Cree intended this to be a great battle and invited the Sacree's wives and children to watch and declared that it would be a battle without weapons. After the Cree had won they were so impressed with the fight put up by the Sarcee Chief, Cut Knife, they named the town in his honor.
This is the World's Largest Tomahawk, located in the Tomahawk Park next to the Clayton McLain Memorial Museum. The tomahawk was built in 1971 as a symbol of unity and friendship with the First Nations of the area
 Bert Martin's Cabin and a runaway!
 Just swinging
 My boys fell in love with a farm cat.  They called him whiskers.
 Campfire Bacon
Flowers for Mummy
 Delicious food all weekend including my first Ukrainian meal and these fabulous Saskatoon Berry Pies. 

Such a great weekend!  

Hope you are having lots of adventures too?

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