Monday, December 22, 2014

Mulled wine and mince pies, 
 The best gingerbread houses, ever,
Gingerbread men with too much icing on, 
 Entertaining friends,
 Making new things- festive French Canadian Tourtiere

Its also good jam on croissants, bucks fizz in the morning, wearing your PJ's all day, wrapping paper frenzies, turkey wellington and Australian Ice Cream Pudding with hot chocolate sauce, watching Christmas movies and chatting to family on Skype.  It's Christmas and I love it!

So tell me, what is your Christmas?

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  1. Champagne , family , apple sauce , turkey leftovers , Martins pickled onions , apple sauce , christmas lights , singing carols , Black forest trifle oh and a bit more apple sauce . xxxxxx


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