Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Every New Year I make a list of things I want to achieve.  Goals, wishes, ambitions- cool lists of cool things, basically.  I try and do as many as I can but never beat myself up if they stay on the list.

So here is my list.  
* Run a 10k
* Run a mud race- I think the Spartan Race!!
* Cook at least 4 things from Heston Blumenthals "At Home" book and include at least one thing that requires dry ice.
* Do more yoga
*Get more animals for the Chatterton Farm (It's not technically a farm- yet!!)
* Plant more veggies outside
* Work on creating an indoor vegetable and salad garden
* Buy more houseplants
* Eat more tapas
* Have an ice cream sundae party
* Learn to make some traditional cocktails
* Have more PJ days
* Make Pho
* Make more handmade pasta

It's been a great Christmas.  I ate ice cream as a main meal at least twice, I ate Quality Streets, drank wine all day and ate Christmas leftover Bush Pies in Elk Island- like I said, its been a blast!

So as we roll into 2015 lets raise a glass to everything 2014 threw at us and party our way into another great year.  Every year is a good year just waiting to happen- lets make it happen!

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