Monday, January 26, 2015

I love my children more than anything but I do hope that one day they grow up and move out.  Once they move out I am pretty sure I won't be cooking all of their meals (they better come back for some or there will be trouble!), so it will be up to them to decide what they put on their plate.

If I can't make them love vegetables now what chance do I have that they will choose to eat them when they have control over their own shopping list?  So lets get them loving the green stuff now.  Let them choose, let them decide, let them experiment and hopefully one day they will choose spinach!  OK, so maybe thats a little optimistic but I see it as my duty to show them that actually these green things are pretty cool and actually quite tasty.

This green, yet sweet and minty smoothie is a good starting point for getting your green on.  Let your kids fill the blender (I suggest you make sure the lid is on though!),  let them rev it up and blend away.
 This smoothie uses frozen mango.  In a perfect World we would always have fresh fruit at its prime ready to go but, kids get hungry and Mum's need solutions!  I keep a stash of frozen fruit ready for starving child emergencies.  It also makes great smoothies as there is no need to add ice to chill and thicken them up.

Don't forget to tell them that the green stuff is natures food colouring and it will give them muscles like Popeye.


  • 200g frozen mango
  • 250ml water or coconut water
  • a few mint leaves
  • 50g spinach
  • 25g oats
  • fresh lime to taste (I find 1/4 works perfectly)

Happy blending.  Green smoothies rock.

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  1. Here's my every day custom. I could blend my beverage with a smoothie, however I like my smoothies more fruity, so I want to blend 2+ tablespoons of Green drink into in about a quart of water. I simply drink it each day 60 minutes after work.


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