The brother battle!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

In my house we have a large, noisy issue at the moment. It's the battle of the brothers. It's an all consuming war over bedroom territory, toys, food, the TV, the puppy and generally everything within the four walls.

In the Red Corner: Harry,age 6, the mild mannered kind of guy who is happy in his Lego world reading his books and building things.

In the Blue Corner: Alfie, age 2, the instigator! He takes his pleasure from pushing his limits and boundaries and also pushing his big brother!

Alfie has been spotted hitting Harry, pushing him off a bed, throwing things at him, intentionally breaking Lego cars and buildings and stealing things whilst running at full speed the other way.

Harry is powerless, as he knows retaliation will lead to trouble with the grown ups. He takes the beatings and torture simply reporting his woes so we can deal with the unruly Alfie.

Obviously if we see this happening we step in and discipline accordingly, but you cannot see them in every corner of the house and as parents know, kids are good at sloping off the grid- especially when they are plotting trouble. Its hard to know how to deal with them and currently we are using the oil and water method. Oil and water don't mix so don't try! We sperate them to play, watch TV, have a bath and we have even taken to sitting between them at mealtimes to prevent food or fork war! I don't want this to be a long term solution as they used to play together so nicely and it's hard to watch how their relationship has changed. 

I am sure its just a phase but at the moment, "ding, ding", round 5- the battle is still at large! 

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  1. unfortunately this "phase" has lasted 4 years in our house! and not getting any better!


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