Crushed tomato tin to spare?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I use a lot of crushed tomatoes (UK folk: chopped tomatoes- confused the hell of me at first!) in my cooking.  The tins are a good size and the labels come off easily and their funky corrugated look inspired me not to throw them away. 

I love funky fonts and the one used for my tins can be found here

I had some leftover string from Christmas (bought from Ikea) and simply made a bow around the top of some of the tins.

I place this tin on the table for people to help themselves to serviettes and I have another empty tin for knifes and forks.  I place both tins together in the middle of the table.  This means setting the table is one easy step rather than laying everything out- and they look funky too!

Once placed neatly next to each other on the shelf, I stepped back and was rather quite proud of how organised my cupboard is, whilst looking very cool in the process! 

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