Cupboard Hero's

Monday, January 30, 2012

I am sure that you have them?

They may not be right at the front but they are there, tucked away to save the day. It's the cupboard hero, the stand by super food. Unassuming on their own but with a quick kitchen raid they can make tea in record time.

I have two main Hero's; crushed tomatoes (see here for my love of their tins too!) and coconut milk.

I used to work in a Thai restaurant. One of my many jobs was to prep food for the busy food service and opening vast number of tins of coconut milk was one of my tasks. I make Thai curry so often now you would be hard pressed to see a weekly menu in my house where some version of it does not spring up. My children love it too, which is a big thing. I try not to spice it up too much, but even when I add a little extra curry paste they never complain- they just ask for more water in their glasses! It's worth noting that you can make your own curry paste and  if you have the time and inclination to do so, be my guest. The Thai chefs I worked for didn't, and nor do I. If you add a few extra things to your curry it will sing happily on your tongue!

My recipe for my Thai curry will follow shortly. 

Is there an ingredient you would never be without?

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