Photo A Day Challenge: Something I am listening to

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I listen to my children more than anything else.  Even with music in the background it's hard to hear anything other than their daily goings on in my house.  I think when you become a mother your body adjusts your settings to a new default:

  • You don't sleep as well- any mother with a coughing child will hear every cough, all night! 
  • You worry more- big things, little things, most things!
  • You hear everything- Quiet children are plotting trouble so it's best to hear everything
  • You see everything- My children call this super Mummy Vision and it is basically the ability to see through walls, you need this, trust me! 

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  1. You now know all the things you think you got away with when you were young !!! I also had the super mummy vision ..... the talent comes in when you decide what to act upon and what to ignore ! XX

  2. They say 'Silence is golden' but with children, it usually means Trouble is brewing!! Your eyes also need to be relocated to the back of your head! xx

  3. Just keep up the good work. You're an ace Mum.XXX


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