Photo A Day Challenge: Where you work

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My work is my home.  I am a mother, a wife, and a home maker.  I enjoy my job.  I sometimes miss the conversation of adults during the day and I certainly miss being a Butcher, but I know I will do it again, one day.  I am just not willing to miss my kids growing up.  I am very lucky that we are in a position where I can be at home with my children. 

The photo is of my book case.  Every book you see here is a cookery book.  Obsessed, me, no way!  You should see how many my Mum has! 

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  1. If postage wasnt so expensive I'd send you a lot more !!

  2. You may be at home but no-one can deny you're a hard worker that's for sure. Any employer would be extremely lucky to have you as an employee. The fruits of your employment are a delight for anyone privileged to have been in your company and at your table. Janet xxxx


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