Photo A Day Challenge: Sun

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

This is my second attempt at a shot for my photo of the day.  My first was of this mornings sunrise.

I adore how the morning sun trickles and falls over the fields, buildings and trees around our house.  I took my photo and reviewed the shot.  It so didn't do it any justice.  None of its magic appeared and I was rather disappointed. 

Later in the morning I glanced from the kitchen and saw Nutmeg laying on the rug in a shaft of sunlight.  I crept over and held my breath, hoping my approach didn't make her trot happily over to me.  She didn't, I caught the moment and happily I have my photo for sun!   

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  1. Great picture of Chatterton GUARD DOG . Only problem with sun .... makes houses look dusty.

    1. Tell me about it! Living on a building site does not help either!


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