Bad Parent Points

Friday, April 20, 2012

Do you have bad parent points in your house?  We do.  These are things you do that make you a bad parent- not serious things, don't panic!

My recent Bad Parent Points are awarded for:

  • My 6 year old declaring (after a bad day, I hasten to add), "Is it your Gin O Clock yet?"
  • Forgetting to send my son's homework with him on his share day- bad scatterbrain mummy!
  • Accidentally opening the fridge door into my 2 year old's head
My hubby's recent Bad Parent Points are awarded for:
  • Going to give our son a goodnight kiss only to poke him in the eye with his finger- how is this possible??
  • Letting our son watch a film that declares, "there is no such thing as Santa!"- Oh how we backtracked and pushed Christmas like you would not believe after that little incident!
  • Wanting to let our 6 year old watch Jaws- not on your nelly, the special effects may be pants and you can see the guys arm moving the jaws, but that film is SCARY! 
There are many more but I do not wish to highlight any more of our bad parents qualities.  We are good parents, really we are! 

Gaining Good Mummy Points with a bit of sticking
You try so hard to be the perfect, pancake tossing, crafty and fun parent, and really at times you fall far short or your own expectations.  My kids love me and I love them so I know this is enough no matter what- even when they have a fridge door shaped red bump on their forehead! 

What would your bad parent points be awarded for?

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