Making their space!

Monday, April 23, 2012


I have recently embarked on a garden mission.  We moved in nearly a year ago and being a brand new house, we had a big, flat empty garden at the back.  I have been busy tearing up turf and adding interesting curves.  My latest addition is an area with gravel, stones and woodchip for the table to sit on and to create a path.  My little darlings thought that this was great.  The gravel, apparently, is perfect for digging.  Bob the Builder toys were soon being pushed though the gravel, turning my once flat and even path into a building site with huge empty bits and large piles! 

So after telling them off for ruining my path and seeing their little unhappy faces holding their now redundant Bob the Builder diggers I decided that they also needed their own little area in my garden plans.  This is what I created at the weekend:

The farm was made by my Dad, years ago for my step brother, he played with it so much!  It was then passed onto my boys and they love it too.  After making a frame and lining the bottom with weed membrane I simply added the farm and created a divider.  I then added some gravel to one side and some play sand to the other.  Needless to say the boys thinks its ace and so does Bob the Builder! 

I know kids need rules and boundaries in all areas of the house but giving them a good option to head towards makes teaching them to take the right path a lot easier. 


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  1. Brilliant idea! How are your raised beds coming on?

  2. Good thanks Nick, thats actually the 2nd of them right there! Slight repurpose but well worth it. Still nothing planted as still chances of frost and snow! It's been known to snow in June, apparently!!!

  3. What a clever Mummy you are .... so proud . xx


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