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Thursday, April 05, 2012

One of the things about being a parent is the "I can't wait till..." state of mind.  It happens at all stages through your child's life.  Here are a few examples:
* I can't wait till they can smile
* I can't wait till they say their first word
* I can't wait till they take their first steps

They are all exciting times and with each new milestone you watch your child grow and develop.  They grow up so fast and change so quickly that at times its hard to keep up, but as a parent you still find yourself looking forward to the next step on their journey, whether it be their first pair or real shoes or their first day of school. 

There is also a time in a parents journey where no matter how excited you are about that next step, you are secretly cursing that they got there so darn quick!  They stop being little, cuddly babies that babble gentle and become loud, shouty, demanding monkeys that run off in supermarkets! 

We ventured out at the weekend to a Science Day.  The boys happily flitted from experiment to experiment and me and hubby happily followed.  At one point, Alfie (2) just started to wander off.  I decided I would see how long it took for him to look back and check he could still see us.  Well he never looked back, he just kept on wandering- with me following of course!  Now I know that it is good that he is confident and inquisitive and does not cling to my leg in a strange place but surely a little edge of caution would be useful! 

Last year, at the swimming pool Alfie, was admired by many for his bravery and love of the water.  At just turned 2, he was throwing himself into the pool at the run, laughing as he came up from under the water.  We have to be very careful to make sure his arm bands are on at all times, as he will run off without them and throw himself into the deep end with no body there to catch him- I have had many a sprint to pluck him out of the water.  Other parents would admire him as they temp their fearful children to dip a toe into the shallow end.  Again, it's great he is confident and bold, but a healthy dose of caution would be safer, surely! 

So beware new parents, treasure those times when they don't answer back, don't move from where you placed them to play and don't eat the entire contents of your fridge in one sitting! 

They grow up way to fast!


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