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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In the UK I loved our little town library.  It had a whole, separate room for the children's book with tiny chairs.  I spent many an afternoon there with my children, reading and choosing our books.  The children could pick 4 books each to take home.  They always went for the ones that made noise or lift the flap books- a hidden gem under each flap! 
Near the desk was a book trolley.  One side contained new, exciting books that had just entered our library.  The other side contained the recommended read books.  I have no idea who picked these books but I loved each of their picks.  I would not really look at what I was picking up.  I would never read the back for a quick teaser of what would be in store.  Just pick it up, take it home and read it. 

I read love stories, murders, tense thrillers and detective stories.  I know some people go for a style of book or buy everything one author has written.  I like variety in my books and am happy to flit from werewolves, yummy mummies and drunk ex-cops solving strange murders.  I am not sure why anyone would tread such a narrow path through the vast number of books out there?  A book is an extension of your imagination, so in my opinion its best to spread it as far as possible. 

I have a kindle now and am happily filling it with the amazing number of free books available out there.  Again, I have all sorts on there, ready to be read- its all very exciting! 

Recently I had a failure to launch issue with a book.  I can only remember this happening once before, so it's a rare event, but I just couldn't get into the book I was trying to read.  The writing didn't flow and I found it difficult to follow who was who and what they were doing in the plot.  I tried for 5 chapters but in the end I gave up and deleted it off my kindle.  The only other time this happened was a book set in Ireland.  The author wanted me, the reader to get the Irish twang of the characters, so words were spelled incorrectly.  The spellings were to make me sound Irish when I read them.  It just didn't work in my head.  I couldn't get the pronunciation right in my mind and I got stuck on the words rather than the sentence flowing.  I wont name names as it may put you off too!

I think books, perhaps suit some people and not others at times and that's OK.  I am just glad I don't have to read books by force rather than by choice!  I would have failed many an exam if I had just given up on books.  Perhaps being a bit choosy is just another perk of growing up! 
Have you ever had a book you just could not get into?


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  1. Yes , lots actualy , If the book dosen't get me in the first few chapters I quickly loose intrest , I always regard reading as a luxury and I have no time for just ok books . My favourite book , which I have read several times is Foxhunting recollections by sir Reginald Graham Bart ... published in 1908 ...... A wonderful insight into the life of the privileged .

    1. Sounds like a good read! Bet they don't do a version for my kindle though! ( mum, I will explain what a kindle is next time we chat)


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