Piggin out!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Our trusty BBQ died.  It seems to have lost its ability to heat up, which in the BBQ world makes it a table now not a BBQ!  We noticed this after cooking some prawns, only to realise that the sun was cooking the food more than the BBQ! 

So we ventured out into the great and varied range of BBQ shops Edmonton has to offer.  The pictures explain better than I can in words, but I will add that I was pretty darn impressed by what you can get.  Who knew that you can get a BBQ bigger than the average inside kitchen and who on Earth needs to BBQ that much food that they need a BBQ that big?

That is just one BBQ!  I asked Harry to smile, instead he did this? 

Anything food based and called Ass Kickin just has to be good?

Fire Wire, flexible BBQ skewers.  Surely they are going to be a bugger to flip over?

The best BBQ sauce I have ever seen! 

Why not cook your pig on a pig?  I fear this is a step too far!

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