Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer is here and the kids are finishing school- yah!  I am super excited about the summer and having both my boys all day every day is actually kinda cool! 

We are making a summer list.  It's basically just a big old sheet of paper with tons of cool stuff to do written on it.

Why dont you sit down with your kids and do it too?

Here are a few things that will be on our list:

Watch 3D films- In case you are wondering the rag on the head is the only way to keep the glasses on his little head!

There will be lots of craft on our list!

I want to bake more bread and let the kids help out too

Roast more things on the BBQ- spinning food on fire is the way forward! 

I made a marshmallow roasting pit in the garden.  Hubby thinks I am mental, kids think I am a legend! 

What you will need:

•A large sheet of paper or card
•Pens & Crayons
•Star stickers
•Other stickers, glitter glue, and other decorative touches (optional but the more the merrier!)

What you need to do:

1. Sit down with your kids and talk about the things you might like to do this summer. Create columns for different types of activities (such as things to learn, things to make, places to go, and so on), then fill them in.  Make sure you add things on there for the grown ups too- summer is not just fun for kids!
2. Decorate your list! Draw pictures of the things you’ll be doing. Let your imagination run wild!
3. Each time you complete an activity on your list, mark it with a gold star. See how many stars you can collect before you go back to school.

In case you need some extra inspiration check out the following links:
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  1. What a pity there aren't more Mums like you Elyse. You are a super Mum and your boys know how to enjoy themselves without always having the need for electronic toys, a television screen in front of them and lots of money to spend. What a wonderful healthy and happy holiday you will have spending such quality time together. Harry and Alfie are a credit to you and Craig - two well adjusted, happy boys - a real pleasure to be in their company. Loads of love J & M xxxx

  2. Your a superstar ...... Proud xxxxxxxx


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