Thursday, October 09, 2014

Have you ever sworn at your bananas?  I have!  
I always feel I need to have bananas in my house, not sure why but I just feel happier if there are some at hand.  So I have bananas and I get the urge for banana bread but you look at the bowl and they are not ripe enough for banana bread- curse you bananas!  
You just fancy a banana to eat and you glance at the bowl and they are black and squishy- damn you bananas!  Always teasing me with your over ripe, under ripe antics!!  

Anyway, as well as having bananas in the fruit bowl I always have some peeled and frozen for great smoothies but one more great way to use up those pesky black skinned bananas is to make them into monkey tails!

A monkey tail is a frozen banana covered in chocolate and then decorated with anything you fancy- a healthy treat for your kids (and you grown ups, they are delicious!).  Super easy and great for making with your kids.

I used to make these with my Mum when I was little and would put all kinds of toppings on them- shredded coconut hair, polo mint eyes and smartie bow ties!  I remember we used that green florists oasis to stick the banana sticks in so they stood up in the freezer giving you a smooth chocolate coating all around the banana.  I don't do that now but simply use a silicone baking pan and lie them flat till they freeze, then pop them into a freezer bag. 

TOP TIP: If you freeze the bananas for a little while the melted chocolate sticks to the banana way easier and sets it quicker.  Just work fast with the toppings before it hardens too much!  

 You could even go all grown up and add crushed coffee beans, pistachios or my favorite, crushed up Cadburys Crunchy bars!!!

Tomorrow we are talking bacon butties (that is a sandwich to you non British folk!).

NOTE: Just to let you know, I was sent a whole box of Glad goodies to use for the GLAD Fresh Food Challenge.  All opinions, dirty work surfaces and children are my own! 

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