Tuesday, October 07, 2014

I try and keep lots of fruit in my house.  If it's there and ready I eat it, if its not there I eat chocolate cookies (which is no bad thing but everything in moderation!).

Soft fruits seem to fall off the cliff really fast.  One day they are good and the next day they have softened to the point of disappointing mush! My solution is the freezer.  Simply pop them into a little sandwich bag and drop them into the freezer.

I then use my frozen babies to make thick, luscious smoothies.  A few moments in the blender and those once soggy fruits become the perfect fruity pick me up.

I don't have a recipe but I always have a frozen banana in there.  When they are black and soft I peel them, wrap them in cling film and freeze them.  They add great flavour, texture and thicken up your smoothie without the need to add ice or yogurt.  Simply add the frozen fruit and a little milk and blend.

So don't throw away that fruit, it can be saved and although a Soggy Fruit Smoothie sounds a little strange it is absolute delicious!

Tomorrow we are talking leftover pork from that Sunday Roast and how it can make fast food for needy people!

NOTE: Just to let you know, I was sent a whole box of Glad goodies to use for the GLAD Fresh Food Challenge.  All opinions, dirty work surfaces and children are my own!

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