2 coat issues!

Friday, November 04, 2011

I am generally a patient person.  I allow my children plenty of time to play, paint, put shoes on themselves and choose treats- which, can take forever!  I don't get flustered by traffic jams and workmen who turn up late (which can be quite frequent in Canada!), don't really bother me too much.  So when it comes to something as basic as sitting still, why do I fail every time?

I love my nails painted.  My toenails are always painted but my finger nails are not always as well coloured.  I have an outrageous number of different bottles of nail varnish in every colour and recently I even acquired the shatter top coat, which I love over a hot pink or deep red.  Quite a lot of these colours require two coats to get the correct shade, coverage and to help prevent chips.  Chipped nail varnish goes in my top ten annoying list- I cant stand it, a big nasty chip staring at me!! Anyway, I know I need two coats but that requires a level of patience after application that I just cannot manage! 

I plan my evening: get the kids to bed, tidy the kiddy crumbs up, cup of tea, relax and start the nail varnish application.  It should be easy.  I have everything I need, the TV is on and very little needs to be done other than a one finger button press every now and again to skip the adverts (adverts are also on the annoying list!).  So I am sat, fingers outstretched, patiently waiting to reach the correct level of dry, but then out of the corner of my eye I see a toy under the sofa.  Its just one toy, ignore it, get it tomorrow!  I can still see the toy, its looking at me, its taunting me!!  I cant take it any longer, I must pick it up and return it to its correct place, NOW!!!  This is where I fail, this is where the careful work in application is ruined and I smudge the varnish (smudging my nail varnish is near the top of the annoying list!). 

I have even sat for ages and been happy that they are dry enough and gone to bed.  I wake up only to find that the nails now have a crosshatch pattern from being up against the fabric of the bed- arrrgggh!!  I know what I am doing wrong and I have diagnosed my primary fault- I cannot sit still and do nothing.  If I sit down jobs appear before me.  I see dust, finger marks on windows, a sock under the cushion and any number of things I just cannot let go. 

So its official, I am turning into my Mother!  I have long accused her of having compulsive issues when it comes to cleanliness (no bad thing when you own a guest house).  Its finally happening to me.  I know the dust will wait till tomorrow, its not going to vanish out of reach, but I just cannot switch off the alert in my head that urges me to clean it up.  This unfortunately means I will continue to smudge my varnish as there are always jobs lurking in wait, I just have to find a way to ignore them for a while- perhaps a gin and tonic may make me forget about them till at least tomorrow?

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