Toasted Marshmallows

Sunday, November 13, 2011

This weekend we have played happy tourist in Edmonton.  We have spent so much of our time in Canada setting up our home and lives we have not really explored our new surroundings.  My parents in law are visiting from the UK and are here for three weeks.  This affords us the luxury of playing hosts in our new home City and playing the tourist game. 

 West Edmonton Mall Pirate Ship

 Posing in West Edmonton Mall

 Harry enjoying a toasted marshmallow at the Olde Fair in the Square- Sir Winston Churchill Square

 Toasting the marshmallows

It is fab to have them here and I am already fearing the goodbyes! 

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  1. How big are them marshmellons, can we get some smuggled back to the uk in a Hot Water Bottle...


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