Magic Raspberry

Monday, November 07, 2011

Do you have proud parent moments?  These moments can be your child's achievements; learning to tie shoelaces, decorating their first batch of biscuits from the oven or saying their first word.  They can also be your own achievement's as a parent.  It's a damn tough job and I think you have to take pride in your own achievements too. 

Biscuits decorated with love
 and spit by my boys for Halloween

Its strange to admit but my proudest parent moment is the magic raspberry.  I assume you all know what a raspberry is, not in its fruit form, but in the lips against skin and blow to create a rude, yet instantly laughable noise?  This simple thing is the instant fix for scrapes, hurts, bangs and occasional bleeds (of the non A & E kind only). 

It started with my first child and continued to the second and is still used today with both.  Its easy, a child falls down and is in that "OH MY GOD MY LEG IS GOING TO FALL OFF NOW" stage of crying, sometime accompanied by the inability to breath in crying, where no noise comes out of them!  They stagger to you seeking repair and you simply find the area affected and apply the magic raspberry.  I must add that a second application of the magic raspberry may be needed and this second application always works best on the stomach of said child for the instant laughing effect required for effective repair of the injury. 

It's simply a distraction.  Children can be so focused on imagining how much it hurts that they forget to actually feel if it does hurt.  Distract them and as long as no bones are broken it can be an instant fix!  I love how such a simple thing can change a cry for help into a laugh for more.  Children are not generally complicated beings, things are black and white, they are either OK or not and can slip from one to the other like switching on a light or blowing a raspberry! 

Magic raspberries are not going to fix the World's problems but wouldn't it be great if they could?  They certainly do in my house! 

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