Friday, March 02, 2012

I have heard a tale that if your pregnant and you vacuum your floor a lot, once born, baby will be calmed by the sound of the vacuum.  So is this true of other things you do when you are pregnant?  Will baby like a certain food you ate through pregnancy- if so my kids are doomed, I ate so much chocolate and ice cream!  Taking this one step further, what about technology?  Have you noticed that youth brings an immediate understanding of current technology?

My Nan was never able to set the video or change the time on the digital clocks around the house.  My Mum thought "lol" was a person everyone was talking about via text and facebook!  The older generations rely on the younger ones to help with the latest gadgets, but where do they get that instant technology affinity without ever touching the instruction manual?  Is it positive association via the womb?  My 2 year old can navigate my iPad as well as I can.  I have never taught him how to use it, he just does.  Did he learn his skills whilst I rested my iPhone on my pregnant tummy?  I very much doubt it, but it makes me wonder at what point I will loose my grip on the new and become one of those folks that the youth will roll their eyes at when you try and make a call on the TV remote?

It must happen at some point as I have seen it with my Nan and my Mum- I know about technology and they don't, but I am no longer the youth!  Will it happen gradually or will I wake up one day unable to operate the latest gadget?

I must dash, I am off to start taking notes now on how to operate the timer on the microwave before it's too late!

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  1. Love it!! As the saying goes "It'll come your turn one day"!! My day has already come but I think you can relax Elyse, I feel your day is a long time off yet. Janet xxxx

  2. I dont think there is a certain day when it starts to creep up on you , its more ..... I cant be arsed to learn that anymore !!! he he Much love mum XX


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