Monday Meltdown: Print it!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Using your computer and printer is an excellent way to keep your kids happy.  Now I am not suggesting you let your two year old smash at the keys and spit on the screen- my two year old blows raspberries on Skype and my screen has an interesting spotty spit pattern most of the time!  There are many sites out there that with just a few clicks can lead you to instant child entertainment.  Here a few of my favourites:  There are colouring sheets and craft ideas galore here!  This is a UK site that links directly to school education.  I love the themed projects for Christmas, Easter etc.  Just be aware that many of the print off's are pages and pages long so just pick the ones you want to print rather than sending them all to the printer- you may need a new printer cartridge sooner than you think if you dont! Everyone loves a bit of Disney (well I do!), and this site has some fab printables.  We are making these today:

There are many more sites you can turn to for a wet, cold, not going outside kind of day, these are my fall backs and they normally keep them happy and peacfull- for a while, anyway!

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